What is Tota.

TOTA is a project that is being implemented with the support from United States African Development Foundation.

The project comes to promote cultural tourism through storytelling for children.

Tota Fest.

TOTAFEST is a children’s magazine, where TOTA (a gorilla) will be sharing stories in different capacities.

TOTA will a pear in every story and with different personality. Kids will learn, laugh, engage, discover, explore, smile and have fun with every piece. 

TOTA comes as a solution to entertain, groom and equip kids with different skills and help them to develop reading culture. It is for the kids aged 6-10-year-old.

Cultural Tourism Picture Books

The story books are based on touristic and cultural sites in Rwanda for children aged between 8-12 years old. The picture books will take the readers to different places in Rwanda.

Touristic story telling

Partnering with tourism companies, we will be organizing children tours to different places and the aim will be to host and read stories with TOTA at the place where the story is retold. Telling the story in place where it happened will help kids love and enjoy the place


A place like no other place, you can bring in your children on scheduled dates and times and let them enjoy a couple of cultural activities. We want the children to have an experience with TOTA, meet, greet, eat, play and have cultural activities practiced at the home of TOTA! Follow us on our social media and know